great games for great people

Let´s revolutionize the game market

We connect game developers with gamers and provide a way to market and discover games with low effort.

How does it work

Individual Attention

For developers: post your latest game with a simple description and bring it to the community. Ask for feedback and build up your fanbase.

Early Access

For gamers: be up to date and get notified about the latest games. Play for fun and help game developers to improve their games.

Free to play

For developers and gamers: We believe games are for everyone. Gamers around the world should get the opportunity to get access to all the great games out there. Therefore we encourage developers to offer free to play games that are ad free.

Submit your game

Drop your name, email address and a short description of your game. We will create a post for you and spread it into our community.

About us

We are a community of game lovers and together we will revolutionize the game market.


Get in touch via the submit form. We´d love to hear from you and get your feedback.

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